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eDialogue Project

Using digital tools for dialogue and inclusion


To ensure the smooth running of the project and the quality of its results, the consortium organizes several meetings. Some of these meetings are online follow-up meetings. Others are face-to-face meetings in the different countries of the partners.


The most important aspect of the project is its results. Those results that will be available to the target group, the secondary school teachers, and that the consortium develops with hard work, dedication and quality. Tap to find out what are the results of the project, its development and production.


We have a diverse, professional and fun-loving consortium. We have partners from different European countries, such as Spain, Germany, Cyprus, Serbia, Poland and Greece. Get to know the details of these organizations, their missions and visions, what they do and what they can offer to the project.


In order to develop good quality results, the eDialogue project has set a number of objectives. The main, and most important, is to educate and empower educators by learning an innovative methodology such as open dialogue. In addition to this main objective, there are other specific and concrete ones.

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