Polski (PL)

WEBIN wanted to expand the reach of the project and organise the ME event in the north of Serbia, in the city of Novi Sad, the capital of the province of Vojvodina.

We invited teaching and non-teaching staff coming from formal educational context, educators from non-formal educational context, management of respective schools and organisations, policy makers in the field of school education. We believe that this was a proper pool of stakeholders to present eDialogue project results.stakeholders.



The ME event was devised as a combination of content presentation and discussion with participants.  It appears that all intellectual outputs were interesting to our audience, but the longest discussion was after presenting the platform content and the possibility it offered.

The teachers and educators liked the idea of being able to exchange experiences and practices on the platform with their colleagues. Likewise, the participants agreed with presented recommendations and suggestions when it comes to the EU Policy Recommendations within R4, with emphasis on the Serbian context. They found this segment of the event worth discussing with policy makers.

According to the general opinion of the people present at the ME event, participants were satisfied with the amount of new and innovative solutions they were presented with and the majority will try to apply in their practice.

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