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e-Dialogue E-learning platform

The project's eLearning training platform is a user-friendly environment designed to teach educators how to use Open Dialogue to promote social inclusion among students. The project team's tools, which educators and other interested parties can use, are accessible to users through it.

The platform hosts the following content:

  • eDialogue Training Programme: this category hosts the four project results, with gamified content to deepen the open dialogue methodology accessible in English, German, Greek, Polish, Serbian, and Spanish.
  • eDialogue Communication: complementary content to keep you informed about the project's progress, access the project's social media platforms and website, and have information about the coming events and activities in which everybody can participate.

eDialogue Training Programme

The e-learning Training Programme consists of two sections: A package for Educators and eLearning Platform & Open Educational Resources

The first one ‘Package for Educators’ provides access to the following topics: social inclusion, discrimination, segregation, racism, bullying and cyberbullying, radicalization, fake news, and other online misinformation. As a user, you can go through the Repository of activities, read information, express your opinion on the content, and contribute ideas to its application in the classroom. The theoretical content is accompanied by explanatory videos, interactive games, and presentations. 

The second one ‘eLearning Platform & Open Educational Resources’ utilises the topics from the first course and recommends educational resources to help students receive a quality education. Each resource includes a brief summary of the material it covers, making it simpler to choose the best OERs for your training goals.

You can follow the instructions in the Usage Guidelines document.

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