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The proposed project is an attempt to respond to the challenges and needs identified in European Societies and specifically in School education. The partners (Universidad de Malaga – Spain, Fundacion Siglo22 – Spain, ACUMEN Training – Poland, Innovation Frontiers – Greece, CARDET – Cyprus, WEBIN – Serbia, BUPNET - Germany), have put forward concrete actions and responses to support and empower teachers and educators to utilize digital tools and resources to elevate their capacity to engage their students and to address social issues and factors for social inclusion.

Current activities

Train the Trainers’ Pilot Event

The partners hosted a 5-day ‘Train the Trainer’ event in Athens during January 2023. During the event, the content, the main learning material and information were presented to representatives of the implementing organizations and 2 educators from each country.

The participants were introduced and trained to use this innovative methodology and the educators that were trained were enlisted as the project’s National Open dialogue Moderators (NODMs). The newly formed roster of NODMs will serve as agents for the promotion and utilization of the training package, engaging other educators and delivering relevant training and informational activities. They will also act as focal points for the promotion of Open Dialogue and social inclusion in their countries providing also invaluable insights and suggestions for the implementation process of the eDialogue project.

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