English (United Kingdom)

In our project, eDialogue, there are two face-to-face meetings, the one in Cyprus and another Final Meeting in Málaga; and we have also four online meetings. The second one took place in early October via Zoom. First of all, the coordinator welcomed the rest of the partners, and some new people who will participate in the project working at UMA could introduce themselves.

Siglo22 and UMA then gave an overview of what has been done so far for Outcome 1: Dialogue Blocks. All partners have finalised the content of this first outcome and we will soon be able to put it into practice with educators, so that they can assess the quality of the results.

Next, Siglo22 introduced outcome 2: Open Educational Resources, and some deadlines were decided to finalise this outcome.

It was also discussed when the partner training would take place in Athens. Our Greek partner, Innovation Frontiers, proposed some dates and we can almost say that the training will take place in January, we are looking forward to it! See you at the next meeting!