English (United Kingdom)

First, the coordinating partner, the University of Malaga, welcomed the participants and described a summary of the meeting. A quick overview on the management updates was then shared by the coordinator. Then, Siglo22, one of our Spanish partners, share the organization for the development of Result 1 and 2. Some deadlines, content explanation and ideas were share. After that, partners had the opportunity to ask questions and check that everything was understood correctly.

After this explanation of the first two results, our Greek partner had the opportunity to share some thoughts on how Result 3 is going to be develop. Also, our Serbian partner did the same with the fourth result. The rest of the partners shared questions and ideas.

Our host, CARDET, is responsible for the dissemination of the project. In this meeting we were able to decide which social media were going to be created. Finally , we decided that Instagram and Facebook are essential for our target group.

It was a pleasure to finally meet each other and share a lovely social dinner in front of the sea. Thank you to our host and the rest of the consortium for this great meeting. See you soon!