Polski (PL)

Siglo22 creates an easily accessible, user-friendly, usable e-learning training platform that serves as a virtual learning environment. This platform hosts the toolkit and the Dialogue Blocks. Additionally, the partners develop or search existing OERs. A collection of 50 best practices and OERs are made available and accessible through the eLearning platform.

The platform is scalable for access on a wide range of fixed and mobile devices, hosting the project’s website which provides all background information related to the project progress, results, partners and the funding agency.

This output has six activities: 

  1. Design & development of the platform
  2. Design template on how to fit the platform
  3. Development or identification of 50 OERs
  4. Development of a brief manual on how to use the resources and platform
  5. Registration of educators
  6. Translation of selected parts of the platform

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